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1. Allergic Reaction
2. Amputation 3. Broken Bone 4. Bruises
5. Cancer 6. Cold/flu/fever 7. Concussion 8. Crushing Injury
9. Drowning 10. Electric Shock 11. Frostbite/hypothermia 12. Heat exhaustion/stroke
13. Infection 14. Minor annoyances - papercut, hangnail,
stubbed toe, motion sickness
15. Neurological disorder - epilepsy, spinal cord
damage, stroke, migraines,
clinical depression...
16. Puncture/Laceration - bullet wounds,
stabbing, impalement
17. Psychological trauma
18. Sensory loss/impairment 19. Skin disorders - boils, pox, rash, poison ivy... 20. Sleep disorders - sleep dep, narcolepsy,
jet lag, snoring
21. Sprained or Strained muscle 22. Surgery (routine) - tonsils, appendix,
plastic surgery
23. Writer's ChoiceThings Best Forgotten 24. Writer's Choice

Title: Promises
Author: seektheinfinite
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Rating: PG
Prompt:17-Psychological trauma
Summary: Rodney makes John promise
Disclaimer: I don't own the boys, I am simply borrowing them for a while to fuel my addiction.

This is for thisissirius to help fuel her addiction whilst I work on my other fic for her. I am working on it. I swear.

John’s beginning to get worried. He’s been knocking on Rodneys door for what seems an eternity. Rodney’s definitely in there, because John can hear the physicist talking to himself, which is usually a sign that Rodney is angry or upset.

Knocking once again, and getting no reply John’s worried enough to disregard the unspoken rule about personal space, and uses his ATA gene to override the lock on Rodney’s door.

“Get the fuck out.” It’s dark in Rodney’s quarters, and John almost isn’t quick enough to avoid being hit with…was that Rodney’s laptop?

“Rodney?” John’s more worried now than ever as he enters the room to find Rodney huddled in a corner. His heart sinks as Rodney looks up at him with tear filled eyes, before attempting to back further into the corner.

“I said leave me alone.” Only this time there’s less force behind the words.

John sighs, before slowly approaching Rodney as though he were a wounded, cornered animal. And that’s just what he is, wounded. John can see it in his eyes, that no longer seemed to sparkle with the intense passion that Rodney always seemed to have.

“I really don’t think that’s such a good idea, do you?” John says, in what he hopes is a placatory tone. Reaching a comforting hand towards Rodney’s shoulder, eh finds it slapped away before it comes anywhere near it’s target.

“Don’t!” Rodney’s voice holds an odd mixture of panic and anger.

“Okay.” John holds his hands up, gesturing that he wont do anything that Rodney doesn’t want him too.

“I lost you.” The voice is so small, so broken. It isn’t right, and John can’t bear to think that he had something to do with making it that way.

“You didn’t lose me. I’m still here.”

“But for how long John. How long before you ‘die’ again.” And Rodney’s looking at him now with what John can only describe as hate. And he really can’t explain why that hurts him so much. “How many times do you think my heart can stand to be broken before it’s irreparable.”

“Rodney….” and John really doesn’t know what to say to that.

Rodney’s on his feet now, glaring down at John. “I wish you’d just die already, and put me out of my misery.”

John’s stunned. Of all the things he’d been expecting, this had not been one of them. And he can no longer contain his anger at being yelled at for something that he had no control over. Being fed on by a wraith hadn’t exactly been a picnic for him either. Jumping up from his position on the floor, he grabs Rodney’s arm.

“What the hell is wrong with you Rodney. What kind of a person says that.

“Oh, you’re right. So sorry. I’m being selfish, but you know it’s not as if I had to watch the man I love die for the sixth time today.

“What did you just say?” John couldn’t quite believe that he’d heard right.

Rodney frowned in annoyance. “Are you deaf now too? I said I just spent the day watching the man I….” Realisation of what he’d said dawning Rodney blushed. “I think you should leave now Colonel?

“I don’t think so McKay.”

“Look, I am so not in the mood to discuss this right now, so…” Rodney was cut off as John leaned in and kissed him. The lightest of touches, just enough to stop Rodney’s rant before it began.

John couldn’t help but smile at the look of pure shock which played across Rodney’s face. “I love you too, Rodney.” Firmly taking hold of Rodney’s arm John began to pull him towards the bed. He gently pushed the clearly shocked physicist onto the bed, before laying down next to him, and wrapping his arms around him. “You okay?”

“Erm, yes, no, I don’t know anymore. Just promise me one thing.” He turned to look John in the eye. “Promise me you wont die anymore.”

John knew that realistically that was a promise he had no guarantee of keeping, but he would try, for Rodney. “I promise."

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